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Finally realise all your mounting ideas – without using screws or nails.

Discover great adhesive solutions – from removable adhesive nails and adhesive screws to permanent mounting tapes and glues. The tesa® Smart Mounting System offers a solution for almost every mounting task.

And the best thing: for almost every surface!

No matter if on textured, transparent, smooth or rough surfaces: it’s limitless mounting at its best.

What’s new about it?

The three-layer structure! With one adhesive layer for the smooth holding device, a special adhesive layer for the textured wall and a foam layer in the middle.

The foam layer makes the strip more flexible. By compensating the wall’s neven spots, it supports the adhesive to maximise the bonding area.

The special adhesive layer for the wall is a more “liquid” one. It flows better into the very small unevennesses like pores, therefore also enlarging the bonding area for a strong holding power.

All Adhesive Strips with tesa Powerstrips® Technology are easy to remove without leaving a trace by pulling them off.


It’s super simple: After sticking it on the three-layer Powerstrip® you can move the nail head up or down until it’s in the right position. Then just lock it with the red controller. Done!

For maximum flexibility and limitless applications. This is the new generation of mounting.

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