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InLine SmartHome for retailers

Expand your assortment without much effort

✔ Cost-effective, easy & fast:

The uncomplicated way to more comfort and safety as well as lower additional costs.

✔ Intuitive:

Integrate devices into the existing network and control & manage them easily.

✔ Manufacturer independent:

No commitment to a provider and his app. Control devices compatible with smart life from various manufacturers in a wide variety of areas.

✔ Easy installation & low requirements for use:

Only electricity and Wifi are needed – ideal for old buildings and rental apartments.

✔ For beginners:

Support directly from the manufacturer and detailed, understandable marketing material.

✔ More comfort for under 20€:

Convince your customers of InLine SmartHome to start with the control of floor lamps from the sofa or automated depending on the sunset for less than 20,-€!

Detailed information on compatible apps, security concepts and application scenarios can be found at:

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