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InLine® Digital Multimeter 3 in 1 with RJ45 / RJ11 Cable Tester and Battery Tester

Item-No: 43115

The 3-in-1 digital multimeter has been designed as a combination of the functions of a digital multimeter, a tester for modular and network cables, and for measuring batteries DC voltage measurement. 0.1 mV to 1000V AC voltage measurement: 0.1 mV to 700V AC-/DC...


InLine® PH Meter for Fluids with ATC (auto temperature compensation)

Item-No: 43124

This PH Meter for fliuds is able to measure the pH Walue and temperature of fluids, for example it is usable for aquarium and swiming pool water quality measurement. Display with pH and temperature range indication Range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH Temperature Range: 0-50°C /...


Automatic RJ45 Handy LAN cable tester, remote terminator storage

Item-No: 79997B

Test device used UTP and STP wring with RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12 plugs Check continuity and configuration of wring with unshield and shielded modular plugs. Tests for open circuits, shorts, reversals and split pars. SHILED detected tests a cable's shield integrity....


Probe for tone generator

Item-No: 79996D

With this probe you can track data lines that have been assigned a sound from a tone generator. The audio volume can be easily adjusted controllers, an additional LED indicates the signal.


Slide gauge, digital with LCD display 150mm

Item-No: 43002

Precision engineer slide gauge for every situation. The large, 5-digit LCD shows the measured value quick and clear. Slide gauge has measuring jaws for measuring outer and inner diameters and a measuring pole for depth measurements. 150 mm measuring range...


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