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InLine® Tester for RJ45 Cables and Connectors with 9 control LEDs

Item-No: 79998A

Tester for patch cable Twisted-Pair and ISDN/phone cabling, cable and Installation. Displays each wire and shield with 9 LEDs. Ready installed electrical networks may be tested on throughput, assignment, function and shielding. Contents include remote adapter....


InLine® PC and Server Mainboard Testing Set 5 parts

Item-No: 59910

Simple set for testing of mainboards, without using the long cables from the casing. The set consists of 2 pushbuttons, 2 LED's and 1 speaker, which are connected directly to the post connectors of the mainboard. 1x Power pushbutton 1x Reset-pushbutton 1x Power...


InLine® Network Cable Tester for BNC RJ11 RJ45

Item-No: 79998

for coaxial, Twisted-Pair and ISDN/Telephone wiring, cabling and Installation. Installed networks may be tested for throughput, assignment, function and shielding. Includes bag, remote adapter, manual and BNC terminal resistor (50Ohm). 9V battery required.


InLine® Voltage Tester 200 - 250 Volts

Item-No: 43000I

Voltage tester helps detect DC voltages between 200-250 volt. Display via small glow lamp in handle. Shaft length ca. 60mm Isolated shaft Pocket clip 3.0 X 60 mm


InLine® Voltage Tester up to 380 Volt

Item-No: 43004I

Voltage tester up to 380 Volt With voltage and polarity display Voltage range: 6-400V AC Display elements: 6-12-24-50-110-220-380V LED Frequency range: 50-500 Hz


InLine® Reflective Marker Tapes for Digital rpm-Meter

Item-No: 43111R

Replacement adhesive strips for InLine® Digital Tachometer (Manufacturer number 43111). The tape reflects the laser beam of the measuring device. Please note: The delivery of the tachometer Reflector includes the strips already.


InLine® Moisture Meter / Tester for wood humidity / Hygrometer

Item-No: 43113

The Moisture Meter is designed to measure material moisture with manual and automatic range selection. It can quickly measure deffierent 7 material (Hard wood, Soft wood, Cement mortar, Lime mortar, Bricks) for moisture with resolution 0.1% / 0.2% accuracy, in the...


InLine® Digital Multimeter with USB to PC data transfer and RMS measurement

Item-No: 43114

Digital Multimeter with PC interface for capturing and logging of measured values. This device complies with IEC 61010-1:2001, CAT III 1000V and CAT VI 600V overvoltage standards Display: 4 digits, Resolution 6000 counts with a USB port to connect to the PC...


InLine® Digital Multimeter 3 in 1 with RJ45 / RJ11 Cable Tester and Battery Tester

Item-No: 43115

The 3-in-1 digital multimeter has been designed as a combination of the functions of a digital multimeter, a tester for modular and network cables, and for measuring batteries DC voltage measurement. 0.1 mV to 1000V AC voltage measurement: 0.1 mV to 700V AC-/DC...


InLine® Digital Multimeter 5 in 1 with Temperature Humidity Sound and Lux measuring

Item-No: 43116

The 5-in-1 Multimeter combines in addition to the standard electrical measurement values, the temperature, humidity, brightness and sound level measuremen in one device. DC voltage measurement: 0.1mV-600V AC voltage measurement: 1mV-600V (40Hz-500Hz) Current...


InLine® Digital Multimeter with Temperature Probe and Transistor testing

Item-No: 43117

The meter is a digital hand-held multimeters with 3.5-digit LCD display for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diodes, transistors, temperature and continuity test. DC voltage measurement: 1mV-600V AC voltage measurement: 0.1V-600V (40-400Hz)...


InLine® Infrared Thermometer with LCD Display

Item-No: 43119

Measurement range: -50°C to 500°C (- 58°F to 932°F) TAMB measurement: 0°C to 50°C Over range indication: "OL" or "- OL" Resolution: 0.2 Field of view: 8:1 Typical Distance to Target: up to 1.5m Emissivity: 0.95 Auto power off: 20S LCD- Back light Ambient...


InLine® Digital Thermometer -50°C to 270°C / -58°F to 518°F

Item-No: 43120

Temperature measure range: -50.0°C to 270°C / -58.0°F to 518°F Resolution: 0.1°C (-50°C~200°C) / 1°C (200°C~270°C) Accuracy: -50°C~ -20°C: ±(reading×1.5%+1°C) / -20°C~200°C: ±(reading×1.0%+1°C) / 200°C~270°C: ±(reading×2.0%+4°C) Measurement Period: 1 time/2 secs...


InLine® PH Meter for Fluids with ATC (auto temperature compensation)

Item-No: 43124

This PH Meter for fliuds is able to measure the pH Walue and temperature of fluids, for example it is usable for aquarium and swiming pool water quality measurement. Display with pH and temperature range indication Range: 0.0 - 14.0 pH Temperature Range: 0-50°C /...


InLine® PoE / PoE+ tester

Item-No: 79999I

The PoE Tester is suitable for testing the PoE / PoE + connections to IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at compliant with a voltage of 37-57V for. Other standards as Telephone / ISDN voltages are not supported. Connect the RJ45 connector of the PoE tester using the supplied...


Ansmann battery tester Universal (4000001)

Item-No: 01077B

Ansmann Universal battery tester fits all current battery sizes, 1.5V, 9V and button cells.


Tester for RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, BNC, USB, FireWire cable with 9 LEDs, auto-test

Item-No: 79996A

Cable tester is especially designed for quick on-site resting of connection and network cables. Tester provides one RJ12, RJ45, Firewire IEEE 1394 and USB port. you can also test coaxial network cables using the BNC connector. Tests for short circuits, assignment,...


Profi Digital Multimeter with acoustic continuity tester, bumper strip, temperature gauge

Item-No: 43005P

4-digits Digital Multimeter with automatic/manual area switching. Rotary switch for function setup for DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, diode testing, continuity buzzer, temperature, frequency, capacity. Including Data hold, LCD 4-digit display. Case color...


Multi detector for metal and voltage

Item-No: 43006I

Use this detector to localize cables and metal structures in the wall. Whenever detector has found anything, it sends an acoustic signal, and a LED flashes. Sensitivity adjustable via control switch. Metal recognition from 15mm diameter and up(depth 24mm) AC...


Automatic RJ45 Handy LAN cable tester, remote terminator storage

Item-No: 79997B

Test device used UTP and STP wring with RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12 plugs Check continuity and configuration of wring with unshield and shielded modular plugs. Tests for open circuits, shorts, reversals and split pars. SHILED detected tests a cable's shield integrity....


Probe for tone generator

Item-No: 79996D

With this probe you can track data lines that have been assigned a sound from a tone generator. The audio volume can be easily adjusted controllers, an additional LED indicates the signal.


Slide gauge, digital with LCD display 150mm

Item-No: 43002

Precision engineer slide gauge for every situation. The large, 5-digit LCD shows the measured value quick and clear. Slide gauge has measuring jaws for measuring outer and inner diameters and a measuring pole for depth measurements. 150 mm measuring range...


Ansmann batterie tester with LCD display, for round and button cell batteries (1900-0037)

Item-No: 01077F

The universal battery tester from HyCell is a compact tester for many battery packs and batteries. With this universal battery tester you can test the charge state of all standard batteries as well as rechargeable battery packs. Over 12 different battery types can be...


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