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Rauchmelder, fotoelektrisch, Batteriebetrieb, 9 Volt, weiß, farb. VP

Item-No: 16616C

Rauchmelder, fotoelektrisch, Batteriebetrieb, 9 Volt, weiß, farb. VP Unabhängig, Batteriebetrieb Einfache Installation - ohne Leitungen Testknopf für regelmäßige Funktionsprüfung Extralaute Sirene Warnsignal bei schwächelnder Batterie Batterie und Schrauben...


Smoke detectors, longlife, lithium battery, white

Item-No: 16616F

VdS tested including assembly parts, manual and lithium-battery Mute: off 85 dB alarm sound capability in false alarm Test button for function test response: VDS Standard Audible indicator (at least 30 days) when low batteries environmentally friendly


Smoke alarm for kids, with 9V battery

Item-No: 16616O

brand-name fire protection product optoelectronic smoke identification extensive testbutton for regular functional check independent device or networkable including 9 V battery and mounting parts battery self test function extendible with radio module MX31...


gas detector, wall fastening, white

Item-No: 16616U

brand-name safety product immediate alarm on emersion of natural gas (methan) and city gas (natural gas mix) alarm from 2 % to 20 % of the lower explosion point independent device or networkable extendible with radio module MX 31 including power supply...


Wireless glass break, battery operated, white

Item-No: 16617R

Wireless glass break alarm with built-in ultra loud siren. Fix to glass or window pane. Activated when pressure is applied to the glass or the alarm is removed and the button is released. Battery operated and no wires. Installation: stick the alarm to the glass with...


Rauchmelder Cautiex, INVISIBLE 5Y inkl. 5 Jahre Batterie

Item-No: 16617M

Durchmesser: 4,0 cm Höhe: 4,0 cm Gewicht: 47 g Sensortyp: Photoelektrisch Batterietyp: Lithium CR2 3V, 850 mAh Lebensdauer Batterie: 5 Jahre, wechselbar Alarmton: 88± 2dB/3m EN-14604: konform Reagiert auf Rauch Warnmeldung bei schwacher Batterie...


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