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InLine® Box Cleaning Accessories

Item-No: 43212

The tried and tested InLine® cleaning products ara now available in a functional shop counter display box. Included in the Box are: 2x 100er Box InLine® wet computer cleaning blankets 2x 100er Box InLine® CD cleaning pads 2x 400ml can InLine® compressed air...


InLine® TFT/LCD Screen Cleaner no alcohol 10 pairs wet + dry wipes

Item-No: 43214

Special cleaning cloths for TFT screens, laptops and flat bed scanner screens, also suitable for use on PDA and LCD screens, screen-free filters and all treated and untreated glass surfaces eg. mirrors, microfilm reading screens, OHP screens and lenses. The liquid...


InLine® Touch & Clean Cleaning Set for iPad / iPhone / iPod etc.

Item-No: 43201

Cleaning set for iPhones, iPads, iPods, mobile phones, MDA, Tablet PCs, Smart phones. Before application, refer to manufacture´s cleaning instructions. Switch off the ipod, iphone or ipad before cleaning. For cleaning, apply liquid to the microfibre cloth. Remove any...


InLine® Power De-Duster high pressure Cleaning Spray for PC / Server 400ml

Item-No: 43218A

Blows dust and debris from inaccessible areas of computer keyboards, printers, CD-ROM/disk drives, copiers, fax machines, etc. Variable spray intensity. Pressurised container. Keep out of sunlight and do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°C. Do not pierce or...


InLine® Cleaning Pad for Smartphones and Tablets

Item-No: 43202

Simple cleaning pad for the display of smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, mobile phone etc. in a convenient box for your pocket or purse. With 2 additional replacement pads can the display for many times to wipe free of fingerprints and gives a clear view of the...


InLine® Cleaning Blankets Moist Computer Cleaning Blankets 100 pcs

Item-No: 43200

100 wet cleaning blankets in a functional PE-dispenser box. The ideal cleansing for keyboard, mouse, casing, printer, monitor (nt for use with TFT-displays) etc. Easily remove dirt and stains (even ball-pen-stains), devices are cleaner antistatically. In the...


InLine® PC Cleaner for plastic parts Pump Spray Bottle 250ml

Item-No: 43206

Eco-friendly special-cleaner for casings, keyboards, mice, telephone, as well as all other plastic and metal surfaces. The fluid does not contain alcohol is eco-friendly and biologically degradeable. A protective film prevents static charge. Useage: Spray the cleaner...


InLine® CD Cleaning Blankets 100 pcs. in a Dispenser

Item-No: 43208

100 lint-free, moist antistatic cloths. Remove dust and finger prints. Anti-static effect. For trouble-free CD/DVD operation. Flammable. Irritating to eyes. Vapours may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If...


LCD-/TFT-/plasma-spray, incl. professional, soft microfibre cloth, 200 ml alcohol-free cleaning spray, blister packing

Item-No: 67515B

LCD-/TFT-/plasma-spray, incl. professional, soft microfibre cloth, 200 ml alcohol-free cleaning spray, blister packing


tesa Klebstoffentfernerspray, 200ml, zur einfachen Entfernung von Klebstoffrückständen

Item-No: 11607

Zur einfachen Entfernung von Klebstoffrückständen auf Kunststoffteilen, Glas oder metallischen Oberflächen, frei von Silikon und chlorierten Lösungsmitteln (Inhalt: 200 ml). entfernt zuverlässig Rückstände von Fett, Teer, Harze und andere Verschmutzungen verdampft...


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