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InLine® USB Hub 2.0 4x for the 3.5" slot grey

Item-No: 33393H

The USB 2.0 Hi-Speed hub 4x for the 3.5" slot provides connectivity for up to 4 devices. The device doesn't need a PC-slot. Power supply is provided by the included power adapter cable. The hub is connected via the 100cm USB-cable to an existing USB-port of the PC....


InLine® Smart Hub 7 Port USB 3.0 & 2.0 Hub with Fast-charge Port

Item-No: 66763

1x USB 3.0 connector, max. 5GB/s 6x USB 2.0 connector, max. 480 MB/s, including 1x USB quick charge socket up to 2.1A (with optional 5V DC power supply only) Input voltage: 5V DC Output voltage: 5V DC Button: red LED = charging mode, blue LED = data...


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