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Titan notebook cooler, underlay TTC-G25T/B2, with 200mm fan, with 2 USB ports, black

Item-No: 44453M

G25T Notebook Cooler. TITAN launched the newly innovative notebook cooler, TTC-G25T to solve people´s physical discomfort. This notebook cooler series is designed with high-quality smooth material and built-in USB hub. Special anti-slip rubbers also efficiently...


Titan Notebook cooling pad, TTC-G1TZ, 4 adjustable fans

Item-No: 44453

The TITAN- Notebook fan pad is the perfect cooling solution for notebooks. The notebook is simply placed on the pad and connected to it via a USB power adapter cable. 4 fans ensure efficient heat dissipation to the side and can cool the notebook down by approx. 10°C....


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