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Titan HDD cooler for 3.5", 2 fan, TTC-HD22TZ, silver

Item-No: 33484

Silver Titan HDD fan TTC-HD22TZ in hot modding design reduces your HDDs operating temperature with two 6cm fans. Easy installation by screwing on/underneath 8.89cm (3.5") HDD, 4 fitting screws included. Model: TITAN TTC-HD22TZ. Exterior dimensions : 130x100x16mm...


Lüfter, Titan TTC-004T2B(3C/3P), Radial Slotlüfter mit niedriger Bauhöhe, mit Doppelkugellager, für 1HE/2HE-Gehäuse geeignet

Item-No: 33335U

12V DC Radial System-Entlüfter 85,5x75x10,5mm, mit Doppelkugellager, für 1HE/2HE-Gehäuse geeignet. Drehzahl: 3600UpM +/-10% Luftvolumen: 6,71cbm/h Geräusch: 26,7dB(A) Lebensdauer: ca. 50.000 Arbeitsstunden für 1HE/2HE-Gehäuse geeignet Lieferumfang:...


Titan SystemFan to slot bracket, TTC-003

Item-No: 33335T

Special System fan aimed at High Performance PCs for extra ventilation of PCI interface cards. Hot air is conveyed directly out of the case, permitting cooling off your system for up to 10°C. Installation is extremely easy: just exchange an empty slot bracket against...


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