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InLine® PC Fan Multi Power Port Adapter Molex 5.25" to x 2 Fan Power

Item-No: 33008A

For connecting 2 fans with 3pin mainboard connector to the power supply of 13,34cm (5.25")-drives. A LED can be connected as an addition. The back of the board is self-adhesive for easy mounting on the computer case. Dimension of the board: approx. 38x25x18mm. The...


InLine® Switch for switching Chassis Fan ON and OFF

Item-No: 33328Z

InLine® switch for switching chassis fan on and off, with 3 pin connector and speed signal Opening size for switch ca. 20x14mm Cable length ca. 2x 25cm


InLine® Temperature Sensor / Probe universal 2 Pin with Cable 1m

Item-No: 36219I

Temperature sensor, InLine®, with cable, 1m e.g. for connecting to front panel NTC resistance Temperature range: -50°C up to +90°C Resistance at 25°C: 10KOhm Cable: 1m with pole connector, 2 pin


InLine® Multi Port Panel 2x Molex 4 Pin to 12 x 3 Pin Fan connector for 12 fans

Item-No: 33008

Multi Power Port (MPP) offers connection option for up to 12 fans. Fan may be connected to 4x 12V (3pin Molex), 4x 7V (3pin Molex) and 4x 5V (3pin Molex) ports. MPP is directly connected to power supply and signals readiness via red LED. 4x 12V (3pin Molex) fan...


InLine® Rotary Potentiometer with Cable and 3-Pin fan connector

Item-No: 33806

Rotary potentiometer, InLine®, with cable and 3-pin fan connector, 5-12V / 0,25W


Titan Fan Speed Controller TTC-SC01 in slot bracket

Item-No: 36089

TITAN fan speed controller (preferably chassis fan) serves to regulate fan rotational speed. Linear rotational speed regulation via voltage is freely adjustable between 4.6VDC and 12VDC. Only limited applicability for heat sink, as cooler may damage CPU if rotational...


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