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Cat. 8.1 patch cables – The data highway for any network

Cat. 8.1 patch cables are real “workaholics”. Made for data transfer with a speed up to 40 Gb/s, they’re especially useful in bigger networks or data centres for connecting router or switches as a network cable. Because of their limited length and the rarity in the use of such high-speed connections in the field of terminal equipment, they’re not often used in floor wiring.
Patch cables of Cat. 8.1 are to distinguish from Cat. 8.2 cables which are made for the use with different connectors. Furthermore, they’re a significant advance to Cat. 7 cables with a maximum speed of 10 Gb/s.


Cat. 8 – The copper equivalent to fibre-optic network cables

Cat. 8.1 network cables are the current standard in the field of copper cables. That’s why they’re in direct competition to fibre-optic cables. Because of the high target speed, Cat. 8.1 patch cables are significant shorter than “normal”, for the consumer available, ethernet cables. With any centimetre the data has to cover, the transmission rate is decreasing.
An advantage of copper cables is the possibility of a power supply for connected devices (Power over Ethernet- PoE and PoE+), which is not possible with fibre-optic cables.

The structure of Cat. 8.1 patch cables

Patch cables of Category 8.1 are made of four twisted and with metal foil separately shielded copper cores. In addition, its build with a wire mesh overall-shield and because of the twisted cores it’s named Twisted-Pair-Cable. The overall-shield is protecting the inner cable against interferences from the outside (e.g. electromagnetic waves) while the shielding of any single core protects it against unintentional influencing (so-called crosstalk) between the cores.

The Cat. 8.1 cables are useable with type RJ45-connectors, which was the standard connector of cables up to Cat. 6. After the use of the newly developed connectors since Cat. 7, any use of RJ45 connectors had to take place with older Cat. 6a cables. The current stage of development, the Cat. 8.1 cables, allows the use of RJ45-connectors with a significant higher speed. The Cat. 8.2 cables are using the newly developed connectors of Cat. 7. In the German language connectors of Cat. 8.1 are also called ISDN- or ethernet connectors.

The InLine Cat. 8.1 patch cables are perfect for futureproofed cabling of data centres because of the 40GBASE-T-connections with a transmission rate of 40Gb/s at the range of 2000 Mhz. They’re offering all the pointed advantages of Category 8 and comply with DIN EN 50173 class G. The single cores vary in diameter 0,12 mm² which comply with the measurement unit AWG 26 for cables.

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