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Inline® Mini DisplayPort male to DVI-D 24+1 male cable, black/gold, 2m

Item-No: 17222

To connect monitors with DVI digital input to graphics cards with Mini DisplayPort output Mini Displayport plug to DVI-D 24+1 plug Color: Black Gold plated contacts Resolution max. 1920x1200,1080p (FullHD) is supported


InLine® DisplayPort to HDMI converter Cable black 2m

Item-No: 17182

Adapter cable for connecting monitors with HDMI input to the DisplayPort output of the graphics card of PC / notebook DisplayPort male plug to HDMI male plug With audio support Compatible to the DisplayPort 1.1 specifications Compatible with HDMI supports PC...


InLine® Mini DisplayPort to HDMI 4K2K with Audio Converter Cable 2m

Item-No: 17172I

This adapter cable allows you to connect a monitor / TV with HDMI connection to eg MacBook with Mini DisplayPort for video output. Unless it is supported by both devices even the digital audio signal is supported Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI plug Ultra Thin,...


InLine® DisplayPort to DVI Converter Cable black 2m

Item-No: 17112

The DisplayPort interface is the successor to DVI interface by VESA, for connecting workstation (PC) or laptop with LCD monitors or plasma / LCD TVs that have this interface. Connects screens with DVI-D digital input with graphics cards with DisplayPort output...


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