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InLine® USB Adapter Type A male to MD6 female PS/2 female

Item-No: 33102K

USB adaptor, InLine®, USB AM to MD6F (PS/2 female)


InLine® USB Adapter Cable USB Type A male to DB15 female

Item-No: 33101

USB plug type A to 15pin Sub D socket This adapter is not a converter! There are also no drivers available. The adapters is to be used with so called combi-devices, it doesn't convert a gameport interface to a USB interface.


InLine® USB Adapter Cable USB Type A male to PS/2 female

Item-No: 33102

USB plug Type A to 6pin mini DIN socket. Provides connectivity for PS/2 devices to the USB port. length 20cm only useable for PS/2 combi-devices


InLine® USB to PS/2 Converter USB Type A to 2x PS/2 female

Item-No: 33386

This USB to PS/2 converter allows you to use a PS/2 mouse or PS/2 keyboard with one USB port. USB -> PS/2 Converter for PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard Supports Win 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Netware 4.11, 5.0, HP Unix, Linux MacOS ab 8.6 and SUN Microsystems platforms...


InLine® USB Adapter USB A female to PS/2 male

Item-No: 33103

With this adapter USB combi devices (mouse or keyboard) can be connected to a PS/2 port. USB socket A to PS/2 plug


USB - PS/2 converter, Aten UC10KM, USB plug to 2x PS/2 socket, 90cm

Item-No: 33386B

Aten UC10KM is a converter with 90cm cable. It can convert signals from PS/2 (keyboard and mouse) into USB signals and supports several operation systems to satisfy user requirements. PS/2 keyboard and PS/2 mouse to USB operation Supports PS/2 mouse and Microsoft...


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