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InLine® Optical Audio Adapter Toslink female to 3.5mm male

Item-No: 89904

Digital optical adapter, toslink jack, mini plug


InLine® Optical Audio Coupling 3.5mm female to Toslink male

Item-No: 89907

OPTO audio coupling 3.5mm socket / Toslink plug, for adapting optical audio cables.


InLine® Optical Audio Y Adapter Toslink 1x female to 2x female

Item-No: 89908

Use this Y adapter to transform one Opto audio output into 2. for optical audio signals 1x Toslink socket to 2x Toslink socket


InLine® Optical Audio Adapter Toslink female to 3.5mm male angled

Item-No: 89904Y

Optical audio adapter, toslink jack to 3.5mm plug, InLine®, angled


InLine® Optical Audio Adapter Toslink male to female 90° angled

Item-No: 89900B

Optical Audio adaptor, InLine®, Toslink M/F, 90° angled, The adapter is rotatable through 360°, so it can be used very flexibly.


InLine® Optical Audio Adapter 2x Toslink female / Toslink coupling

Item-No: 89900

With this adapter you can connect opto audio cable with toslink plugs together, ideal for extending your cables. Toslink jack to toslink jack


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