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InLine® Adapter Card SATA Slimline to SATA and power

Item-No: 39951I

This adapter enables you to connect your CD or DVD drive with SATA Slimline interface via standard SATA 7pin of your mainboard and controller. Ports: SATA Slimline 7+6 pin > SATA 7pin Power: 4pin Floppy Dimension incl. Connector height: 23 x 12.4 x 68.5 mm H/W/L...


InLine® SATA Adapter 22 Pin PCB side to Slimline SATA 13 Pin Cable

Item-No: 29611

This adapter allows the connection of a DVD / CD Slim Drive with 13pin Slimline SATA interface via the standard 22pin SATA port. Connection: 22pin (7+15) SATA connector (PCB side) to Slimline SATA 13pin (7+6) connector (cable side) For 5V devices


InLine® SATA Adapter 22 Pin Cable side to Slimline SATA 13 Pin PCB

Item-No: 29612

With this adapter you can connect your DVD / CD drive with standard 22pin SATA interface via a13pin Slimline SATA cable connection: SATA 22pin (7 +15) connector (cable side) to Serial ATA SATA 13pin (7+6) port (PCB side) Only for 5V devices, no 12V


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