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InLine® Converter HDMI to VGA with Audio Input HDMI Output VGA and Stereo Audio

Item-No: 65003

The HDMI to VGA Converter with Audio lets you convert digital HDMI signals into VGA picture signals and analog stereo audio signals. Does not convert HDCP encoded signals. Converts the image of an HDMI source to a VGA image and analog stereo audio signals HDMI plug...


ATEN VC810 HDMI to VGA adapter

Item-No: 17192D

The VC810 is an HDMI-to-VGA converter that allows you to connect an HDMI source (e.g. laptop, PC, ultrabook, etc) directly to a VGA display (e.g. projector, LCD monitor, etc) without upgrading to an HDMI-compatible display at extra cost. It supports frequently used...


HDMI to VGA converter, ATEN VC812, with scaler, FullHD (up to 1.080p), supports 16:9 & 4:3, black

Item-No: 17890F

The VC812 HDMI to VGA converter with Scaler offers an easy and convenient way of converting HDMI input signals into analog video (VGA). The VC812 carries a high-performing scaling engine that converts the video resolution to give you the best image quality. You can...


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