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InLine® Audio Signal Converter Toslink optical IN Coaxial OUT digital S/PDIF

Item-No: 89909

Simply change media formats and get full digital signal sound quality Convert from toslink digital to coaxial digital Optical digital input via toslink Coaxial digital output via RCA jack Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz / 48kHz / 96kHz / 192kHz Color: black...


InLine® USB Sound Card with Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound

Item-No: 33051C

Small-sized InLine® USB audio adapter is a small sound card with integrated virtual 7.1 sound chip for equipping e.g. older notebooks cheaply with impressive sound performance. Very easy installation: plug in audio adapter, install drivers, finished. USB to Audio...


InLine® Digital to Analog Audio Converter IN RCA or Toslink S/PDIF OUT RCA Stereo

Item-No: 89909C

The digital to analog audio converter converts the digital audio signal (S / PDIF) to an analog stereo signal. The digital signal can be fed via Toslink optical or RCA cables. Supports sample rates 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz, 192kHz / 16-24bit for all 2-channel digital...


InLine® USB Audio Sound Card ultra tiny with built in sound codec

Item-No: 33051D

The USB to stereo audio adapter provides quick and easy another sound card on your PC or notebook via the USB port, no additional driver is required. USB audio compliant, power from the USB 2.0 port Connectors: USB A plug to 2x 3.5mm jack for stereo audio output...


InLine® Analog to Digital Audio Converter IN RCA Stereo OUT RCA or Toslink S/PDIF

Item-No: 89909F

Convert analog audio signals from L/R input to Coaxial S/PDIF and Toslink Optical outputs. Great for connecting older devices with standard RCA output to newer sound systems via an optical cable or digital coaxial cable Hook up device that does not have the...


InLine® USB HD Audio Adapter 24 Bit 192kHz to Digital Coax / Toslink / I2S Converter

Item-No: 33053I

This converter use the latest USB2.0 audio controller CM6631A from C-Media as a core that can support the latest USB Audio Device Class Definition V2.0. Its high-definition audio processing capability up to 192KHz / 24bit Convert audio data from computer via USB...


InLine® Audio Converter Analog to Digital Input 2x RCA Stereo Output Toslink or RCA

Item-No: 65001

Converts your analog audio signals to digital audio signals Input: RCA l/r (white/red) Incoming Bit stream: 24-Bit S/PDIF Output: S/PDIF or Toslink Sampling rate of 48 kHz Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission Easy installation and operation...


InLine® Audio Converter Digital to Analog Input Toslink or RCA Output 2x RCA Stereo

Item-No: 65002

Converts your digital audio signals to analog audio signals Input: S/PDIF or Toslink Incoming Bit Stream: 24-Bit S/PDIF Output: 2 RCA l/r (white/red) Sampling rate of 32 / 44.1 / 48 and 96 kHz Provides electromagnetic-noise-free transmission Easy installation...


InLine® Audio Converter Digital to Analog Toslink & RCA Input to RCA Stereo

Item-No: 65002K

This 192 kHz Digital to Analog Audio Converter can transfer digital Audio (optical/coaxial) to two channels analog audio and amplify the output (but using directly on headphone is not recommended), just suitable for using together with the devices such as digital...


InLine® USB 2.0 SoundBox 7.1 48KHz / 16-bit

Item-No: 66670B

Specifications: 48KHz / 16-bit playback and recording for 7.1-Channel operating at the same time Up to 96KHz / 24-bit playback or recording for Stereo only operation SNR: >90 dB @ Front Output 7.1-Channel Analog Output Stereo Microphone Input and Line-In...


InLine® HiFi Audio to USB Converter RCA and Toslink Audio Input 192kHz/24bit

Item-No: 33058I

The InLine® HiFi Audio to USB Converter is a high quality piece of equipment to convert 2-channel audio signals (analog stereo) into digital audio signals up to 192kHz / 24-bit, using the CMedia CMS6631A USB2.0 Audio chipset. This supports the latest USB Audio Device...


InLine® USB 3.0 HUB with audio soundkarte, aluminum case with 0,15m cable

Item-No: 33051H

InLine® USB 3.0 HUB with audio soundkarte, aluminum case USB 3-port Hub (5Gb/s) Plug & Play silver aluminum case for Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/Mac OS8.6 Chip: VIA VL813 (hub)/ CMedia HS-100B (audio) no external power supply required Audio out: 3,5mm stereo plug...


InLine® USB Audio Soundkarte, aluminum case

Item-No: 33051S

The small InLine® USB Audio Adapter is a sound card with C-Media chip. This mini audio adapter in a very attractive aluminum casing has a 3.5 mm plug (female) for audio output and a further 3.5mm plug (female) to e.g. connect a microphone can. This Sound Adapter...


ATEN Audio Converter, VC480, 3G SDI to HDMI, with power supply

Item-No: 60664H

The VC480 3G/HD/SD SDI to HDMI Converter provides a professional way to exchange high definition signals in real time. The SDI and HDMI signal conversion is 100% digital and guarantees no loss of quality for both the audio and video transmission. The VC480 is the...


ATEN VC840 HDMI zu 3G SDI Audio-Wandler

Item-No: 60665B

Der HDMI-auf-3G-/HD-/SD-SDI-Konverter VC840 wandelt HD-Signale auf professionelle Weise in Echtzeit um. Die SDI- und HDMI-Signalumwandlung geschieht vollständig digital. Dadurch sind die Bild- und Tonübertragung völlig verlustfrei. Der VC840 besitzt...


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