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Products from Longshine

Longshine USB Mini Cloud, LCS-8190, up to 4TB

Item-No: 66660A

The Longshine USB Mini Cloud LCS-8190 is a USB over IP server, i. e. USB data carriers such as external hard disks and USB sticks are provided in the network, similar to the function of a NAS. Spezifications: CPU: RALINK RT5350 Mips, CPU 360MHz Memory: SDRAM 32M...


Longshine Wireless Adapter, LCS-8133, USB 3.0, 300Mbit/s

Item-No: 40069

Features: Support advanced 2 x 2 Technology with up to867Mbps up and down stream data rate Support QoS Enhancement( WMM, WMM-PSClientmode) 20MHz and40MHz,80MHzbandwidth transmission Wireless security - 64/128bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 QoSEnhancement WMM DSSS...


Longshine Ethernet Media Converter TP RJ45/BNC, LCS-883C-TB

Item-No: 66653D

The Media Converter was specifically designed to offer the network designer the device for migration from RG-58 copper based Ethernet to 10Base-T Ethernet. Now migration or expansion of existing networks can be achieved with minimum cost and complexity. The converter...


Longshine Printserver 100Mbit 1x USB, LCS-PS101-A

Item-No: 30118M

Der LCS-PS101-A ist ein kleiner, handlicher Printserver für Drucker mit USB-Anschluss. Der Printserver ermöglicht den komfortablen Anschluss von Tintenstrahl-, Farb-, Laser- oder Nadeldruckern an Netzwerke mit 10 oder 100 Mbit/s. Die Anbindung eines Druckers erfolgt...


Print server 100Mbit 1x parallel TP Longshine LCS-PS110

Item-No: 30121M

10/100 Mbps print server permits cost-efficient integration of printers into an existing network. Less load of PC resources, high local flexibility by integration and convenient installation are further features which recommend using Longshine print servers....


WLAN Longshine LCS-ANT-10.0DB-ST, 10dBi antenna

Item-No: 40842

Tune your wireless network connection and increase it's range with Tuning Antenna. Some situations or in case of obstacles you need a more powerful antenna to increase connection performance and quality. This antenna provides performance for larger range and...


Longshine LCS-MGBIC-SX mini GBIC Module fiber multimode with LC connector

Item-No: 32335A

GBIC Mini Modul 1-Port LC-Port Multimode 850nm (SFP) Singlemode also available 1,125 Gb/s 3,3V for Switches & Converter with mini GBIC SFP Ports


Longshine Gigabit Triple-Speed Media Converter LCS-C862

Item-No: 66660L

1x RJ45 to 1x LWL SFP (mini GBIC) Slot The LCS-C862 10/100/1000 to 1000SX/LX (SFP) media converter has been developed specifically for critical applications such as Telco/ISP Backbones, cable network operators, banks and enterprise networks. The LCS-C862 conforms to...


25.40cm (10") installation bracket for Longshine 21.59cm (8.5") network switches

Item-No: 32217K

Use these brackets to install Longshine 8.5" network devices into a 10" cabinet. for installation of Longshine 8.5" desktop switches into 10" cabinet fits LCS-GS8208-A, LCS-GS8116, LCS-GS8124 and LCS-FS8116-B 2 brackets made of metal, black


Longshine network card PCI 10/100Mbit, LCS-8038TXR

Item-No: 50100L

LCS-8038TXR is a 32bit 10/100Base-TX/FX Fast Ethernet PCI network card. The card boasts easy installation and extensive driver support. Diskless applications possible through Remote Boot ROM socket, LED display permits network diagnosis. Fulfils IEEE802.3/802.3u...


Longshine LCS-8156C1, 56K Fax Modem, extern, USB, V.92

Item-No: 30050L

Das Fax/Modem ermöglicht Internetverbindungen mit Geschwindigkeiten bis zu 56Kb/s über Standardtelefonanschlüsse. Die 56Kb/s Internetgeschwindigkeit ermöglicht fast ISDN-Geschwindikeiten. Stromspeisung vom Bus, keine zusätzliche Stromversorgung nötig Plug&play...


USB 2.0 over IP Server, 4x USB to LAN, Longshine LCS-US204

Item-No: 32203L

The Longshine`s LCS-US204 USB Device Server is designed to connect your Multifunction Printer, Scanner, Fax, Printer, Hard Drive, iPhone, iPod, USB Digital TV Tuner, Digital Camera, USB Webcam, USB Speaker, USB CD, USB DVD to your network, allowing all network users...


Longshine LCS-8056C2 56K Fax Modem, PCI

Item-No: 30043N

Das LCS-8056C2 Modem für den PCI-Steckplatz. Dieses Modem bringt Sie überall ins Internet, wo keine ISDN- oder DSL-Anbindungen bestehen. Das Modem ermöglicht ihrem PC das Senden und Empfangen von Faxen, direkt vom PC aus. Übertragung: 56.000/33.000 Kbit/s...


Longshine Gigabit Switch, 5-Port, LCS-GS7105-D Metall

Item-No: 32340N

Der LCS-GS7105-D Switch unterscheidet sich durch spezielle Eigenschaften von Standard 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switchen. Der Switch ist lüfterlos und kommt in einem Metallgehäuse. Er unterstützt Green Ethernet nach IEEE802.3az. Zusätzlich erkennt er QoS Pakete nach...


Longshine Schnittstellenkarte, 2x 9pol seriell, PCIe (PCI-Express), LCS-6321O

Item-No: 76626E

Die LCS-6321O ist eine I/O Kontrollerkarte für den PCIe-Slot mit zwei seriellen Ports. Die heutigen Mainboards besitzen immer weniger serielle oder parallele Ports/ mit dieser Karte können sie die benötigten Ports einfach Nachrüsten. Die Karte kann für Drucker,...


Longshine Netzwerkkarte PCI Gigabit, LCS-8037TXR4

Item-No: 51115O

Realtek Chipsatz, 32-Bit PCI Bus


Longshine Gigabit Switch, 16-Port, LCS-GS8116-A, Desktop, Lüfterlos

Item-No: 32341M

Der LCS-GS8116 Switch besitzt 16 Ports mit 10/100/1000Mbit/s, alle 16 Ports verfügen über Auto-negotiation und Auto MDI/MDI-X. Bandbreite satt für Arbeitsumgebungen, die hohe Anforderungen an das Netz stellen, wie z.B. CAD, Multimedia, Streaming usw.. Der Switch...


Longshine Gigabit Switch, 16-Port, LCS-GS9116-A, 19"-Version, Lüfterlos

Item-No: 32327M

Der LCS-GS9116-A Switch besitzt 16 Ports mit 10/100/1000Mbit/s, alle 16 Ports verfügen über Auto-negotiation und Auto MDI/MDI-X. Bandbreite satt für Arbeitsumgebungen, die hohe Anforderungen an das Netz stellen, wie z.B. CAD, Multimedia, Streaming usw.. Der Switch...


Longshine networks witch, 48.26cm (19")-Version, 16 port, LCS-FS9116-C

Item-No: 32220M

LCS-FS9116-C switch has 16 ports 10/100Mbit/s, all 16 ports with Auto-negotiation and Auto MDI/MDI-X. Switch masters all situations such as smaller work groups, net segmentation or multimedia environments. With Auto-negotiation feature it represents an ideal solution...


Longshine Gigabit Switch, 24+2 Port, LCS-GS9124+2, 19"-Version, mit 2 SFP Slots

Item-No: 32344L

Erweitern Sie einfach Ihren Netzwerkdurchsatz, der LCS-GS9124+2 verfügt über 24 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Ports. Zusätzlich verfügt er über 2 SFP (mini-GBIC) Ports zur Erweiterung auf Glasfaser-Netzwerke (mit mini-GBIC Konvertern). Die Store und Forward Technologie...


Gigabit Switch, 8-Port, Longshine LCS-GSP8108, Desktop, PoE+, fanless

Item-No: 32309L

The device is a powerful, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Switch, with all 8 ports capable of 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation operation (NWay), which means the switch could automatically negotiate with the connected partners on the network speed and duplex mode....


Longshine Gigabit Switch, 24-Port, LCS-GS9128-A, 19"-Version, mit 4-Port Mini-GBIC

Item-No: 32336M

Erweitern Sie einfach Ihren Netzwerkdurchsatz, der LCS-GS9128-A verfügt über 24 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Ports. Plus 4 Ports SFP (Mini-GBIC). Die Store und Forward Technologie filtert Fehlerpakte heraus und leitet die Pakete in einem Non-Blocking Modus weiter. Flow...


19" Einbauwinkel für Longshine 8,5" Netzwerk-Switches

Item-No: 32332R

zum Einbau von Longshine 8,5" Desktop Switches in den 19" Schrank pasend für LCS-GS8208-A, LCS-GS8116, LCS-GS8124, LCS-FS8116-B 2 Winkel aus Metall, schwarz


Longshine Ethernet Media Converter 10/100 TP to 100 LWL(SC), LCS-C842MC

Item-No: 66658L

LCS-C842 is a compact and reliable media conversion solution offering network administrators a migration solution for upgrading copper networks to LWL based networks. Regardless how data are transmitted, whether via multi mode, single mode or long haul single mode...


Longshine Gigabit network card PCIe, LCS-8337TXR1 (PCI Express)

Item-No: 51116M

LCS-8337TXR1 is a fast Gigabit Ethernet card developed for PCI Express Bus, which offers improved performance over PCI Bus.Card supports speeds up to 1000 Mbit/s, thus improving speed dramatically. Transfer large data quantities faster and more efficiently within...


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