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Products from Goldtool

Hot sticking pistol for 11 mm sticks

Item-No: 43021

voltage 230 Volt power 40 Watt temperature 170°C flow rate 7 g adhesive RPM inclusive 11mm glutenstick


Tool box 100 pcs.

Item-No: 43017

The perfect took box for PC professionals, support personnel and field staff. Tool box offers a wide range of tools for daily work with PCs, electronics, small devices and machinery. Box made of robust aluminum wich many compartments and holding strap for secure tool...


Cordless screwdriver set with bits, 42 pcs.

Item-No: 43024

Cordless screwdriver comes in a case and possesses a handle which may be angled in 2 positions to obtain more ergonomic working position. Cordless screwdriver 4.8V 200 rpm, right-hand/left-hand rotation 28 bits with various heads 1 bit holder 8 hexagon socket...


Soldering station, adjustable

Item-No: 43042

Compact, quick and easy, robust and simple soldering station permits starting work right away. Temperature for every soldering process is adjustable, ensuring safe working on straightforward soldering points as well as on especially sensitive electronic components....


Toolkit for computer und electronic, 61-tlg.

Item-No: 43018C

This tool kit is perfect for the computer or electronics and do-it-yourselfer. It includes all the most frequently need to repair or maintenance computer or TV, radio set and other electronic equipments.


Tester for RJ45, RJ12, RJ11, BNC, USB, FireWire cable with 9 LEDs, auto-test

Item-No: 79996A

Cable tester is especially designed for quick on-site resting of connection and network cables. Tester provides one RJ12, RJ45, Firewire IEEE 1394 and USB port. you can also test coaxial network cables using the BNC connector. Tests for short circuits, assignment,...


Network tool kit with tester

Item-No: 66407B

Network tool kit with LED tester, Punch tool, Cable cutter / stripper and set of RJ45 plugs unshielded


Profi Digital Multimeter with acoustic continuity tester, bumper strip, temperature gauge

Item-No: 43005P

4-digits Digital Multimeter with automatic/manual area switching. Rotary switch for function setup for DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, diode testing, continuity buzzer, temperature, frequency, capacity. Including Data hold, LCD 4-digit display. Case color...


Master Coax / LAN cable solution tool kit

Item-No: 66407D

The remote light of the convenient perception RJ45 LAN telegram and line of demarcation of shade are stored. LANs of professional personnel are mastered to the persons who track, mix colors the pharmaceutical test tools. Death is fixed on RJ45 WE/SS & RG6/6Q CATV...


Werkzeug Set mit Lötkolben und Multimeter, 15-teilig

Item-No: 43043S

Werkzeug Set mit Lötkolben und Multimeter, 15-teilig, ideal für Heimwerker und Hobby-Elektroniker, bestehend aus Lötkolben 230VAC, Lötzinn, Mini-Digitalmultimeter, Seitenschneider, Kombizange, 2 Pinzetten, diversen Schraubendrehern, Entlöt-Litze, und Isolierband, in...


Multi detector for metal and voltage

Item-No: 43006I

Use this detector to localize cables and metal structures in the wall. Whenever detector has found anything, it sends an acoustic signal, and a LED flashes. Sensitivity adjustable via control switch. Metal recognition from 15mm diameter and up(depth 24mm) AC...


Soldering station EP5 digital

Item-No: 43041I

Digital soldering station with given and actual temperature display large LCD display (60x30 mm) short preheating time, temperature setup with Up-Down keys easy, fast change of points insertable sponge holder wattage soldering iron: ca. 48 W Frequency: 50 Hz...


Automatic RJ45 Handy LAN cable tester, remote terminator storage

Item-No: 79997B

Test device used UTP and STP wring with RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12 plugs Check continuity and configuration of wring with unshield and shielded modular plugs. Tests for open circuits, shorts, reversals and split pars. SHILED detected tests a cable's shield integrity....


Probe for tone generator

Item-No: 79996D

With this probe you can track data lines that have been assigned a sound from a tone generator. The audio volume can be easily adjusted controllers, an additional LED indicates the signal.


Network basic repair tool kit with tester

Item-No: 66407H

The set is ideal for technicians who regularly need to install network cables. The set includes: Simple crimping tool for RJ45 8P8C plug and RJ12 6P6C male Cutter Knife 2-piece Network Tester with 9 LED, checks availability of RJ11, RJ12 , RJ45 cable Insertion...


One-for-all Port finder / tone generator / Cable tester set

Item-No: 66407P

The network tester kit provides several tools for testing network patch cables and installations: It tests Pin for Pin continuity and short circuit, 25 included ID-plugs can be assigned to ports in cable installations simplest, a tone generator automatically sended...


Slide gauge, digital with LCD display 150mm

Item-No: 43002

Precision engineer slide gauge for every situation. The large, 5-digit LCD shows the measured value quick and clear. Slide gauge has measuring jaws for measuring outer and inner diameters and a measuring pole for depth measurements. 150 mm measuring range...


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