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Frequently asked

Quick solutions for many questions:

Registration / Login

How do I login / register?

Since the switchover to our new shop system you do not need your customer ID (and your password which applies to the entire customer organization) for registration anymore; your E-Mail Address and your Individual Password are sufficient.

If you want to register for new INTOS Shop for the first time please click „Forgot Password?“ and then enter your e-mail address. You’ll receive an automatically generated e-mail shortly which contains your new preliminary password.
Now login and change your password at “My Account" to a password of your choice.

If you did not receive a notification mail, please check your spam mail file first.
If no message is there, either, or if you have forgotten the e-mail address you have registered under at our site, please contact your contact partner at: +49 (0) 641 9726-212 or 217 or at [email protected].

If you registered for the first time please wait for the Welcome e-mail message from your individual contact partner to arrive before logging in, since your shop access will not be fully configured before.
You have allocated your own access password during registration and therefore do not need to request another one!

How do I setup one or several joint users?

If there are several employees in your company who need to access the Shop you may configure them as Joint Users. Please contact our Sales department at phone no.: +49 (0)641 9726-212 or 217. 

Product Search / Search Function

Where is the search function and how do I use it?

The Search box is situated in the center on top of the web page (right next to the INTOS logo). Search there for single words or the required item’s product ID number. To restrict the search and avoid too numerous search results use the Shop filter function. Filter for color, length, size, connector shape etc.

What´s wrong with the search function? I am using Internet Explorer 11.

When using Internet Explorer 11, certain compatibility issues may arise which inhibit full functionality of real-time search. To prevent this we recommend using other browser types such as e.g. Firefox or Chrome. For additional information please see HERE.

Ordering Items / Shopping Cart:

How can I order?

If you have not yet logged in, please click on “Login“. If you already have access data please enter these in the box "You already have a customer account/Ich bin bereits Kunde...". Otherwise please click on “Continue/Weiter” in the „New Customer/Neuer Kunde“ area in the upper part of the popup window. Get additional information on your customer account at "New Customer Information/Infos für Neukunden" in the Service Center.

After successful login you may now start shopping. Having found the desired item please click on the "Put in shopping cart/In den Warenkorb" button right next to the product description. Change the amount by entering free text or by clicking onto the + and - buttons. The item is then automatically placed in your shopping cart. To order additional items please proceed in the same manner.

To order the items in the shopping cart please click on shopping cart (upper right hand) and then on the shopping cart page on „Proceed to checkout/Zur Kasse gehen". To finish the action after having double-checked all data and order the items, please click on “Submit order/Bestellung absenden". You will receive an automatic order entry confirmation which does not, however, constitute an official order confirmation representing a conclusion of contract.

Will my shopping cart be saved when logging out?

All items in the shopping cart remain there until you leave the page. Even when logging out to continue shopping later you will find all items in the shopping cart just as you left it when logging out last time.

Price List / FTP Center

How do I get a price list of all products?

In "My Account/ mein Konto" you are offered the option to compile your individual price list with all item data yourself. This personalized list will be provided to you in desired frequency, either via email or by placing it at your disposal on our FTP server. 

Product Support / RMA

How do I get a driver for a certain product?

As an additional service we offer drivers for certain products. Find these in the Download Center. Enter the product order no. in the Search box, select the required driver from the list and click on "Link" to save. If you can’t find the required driver please try the manufacturer’s web site. Alternatively, existing drivers may be found on the product Detail page within the Shop.

I have got an issue with product xyz, who can help?

If you have any further questions to specific products please use our template "Produktsupport/Product Support". 

There is a defective product, how do I return it?

Use this link ->> RMA Web Form/RMA-Webformular <<- (user must be logged in) to easily register your RMA online. The filled-in RMA form / shipping document will then be generated automatically and sent to your email address as a PDF file. There’s no need to apply for an RMA number or similar, since our RMA department will also receive a notice automatically.

RMA Sequence in short:

  • Login using your access data.
  • Click on "My Account/Mein Konto", then click "Retoure/RMA".
  • Input the required data
  • If required, click on "Add Item/Artikel hinzufügen", and a new row will appear.
  • After entering all items please click on "Generate Your RMA Shipping Document/Generieren Sie Ihr RMA-Begleitdokument"
  • You will now receive the shipping document by mail which you need to return items.

Product Information

Why are there no Cat. 7 patch cables available at INTOS?

The category “Cat.7” designates data cables with 600 MHz transmission frequency, which permits rates up to 622 Mbit/s. Due to its specification, however, a RJ 45 connector limits any data transmission to a maximum of 500MHz (Cat.6a) (For further technological explanations please click here.)

Please also be aware of the designated maximum possible frequency for addressing the cable. If this important information is missing you may assume that manufacturer has stinted on electromagnetic shielding. For additional information on electromagnetic shielding and other quality factors such as AWG no. or the conducting material used (Cu vs. CCA) please click here.

If you need to obtain maximum performance from your RJ 45 connector and want to rely on high-quality cabling (suitable for 10 Gps environments) we recommend our InLine Cat.6a patch cable with test protocol. Every one of these solid copper cables with S/FTP (PiMf) shielding includes one test protocol with serial number as proof that this cable ensures 100% connectivity up to 500MHz at Cat.6 and Cat.6A. You can’t top that!

Rely on InLine quality and beware of bogus labels!

(This is the LINK to the original german Blog-entry)

How long does it take to charge my smart phone when using a power bank?

Charging duration depends on several factors. Charging capacity (specified in mAh) of the power bank only describes the electric capacity provided, but not the charging speed. The latter depends on the current intensity output by the power bank via USB port (specified in Ampere; for USB usually 1A or 2.1A).

Furthermore, every current mobile phone/table computer has its own integrated charging electronics which automatically regulate optimum amperage according to device requirements and battery charge level (e.g. in many cases charging current will be reduced before device is 100% charged). This is intended to preserve the battery while charging, and to minimize loss of energy due to overly quick charging process. Finally, charging times are influenced by mobile phone battery capacity. This may vary among standard smart phones from 1,700mAh up to 3,000mAh.

Theoretically, if charging current remains constant and there is no dissipation loss (e.g. by heat):

    a smart phone with 2500mAh (=2.5Ah) battery can be charged within 1h12min when using a Power Bank with one 2.1A USB Port (2.5Ah / 2.1A), and within 2h30min when using a Power Bank with one 1A USB Port (2.5Ah / 1A).

    a tablet computer with a 7000mAh (=7Ah) battery can be charged within 3h20min when using a Power Bank with one 2.1A USB Port, and within 7h when using a Power Bank with one 1A USB Port.

Please note that these theoretical values can never be realized in practice and only serve to clarify the various charging speeds which depend on the amperage output.

...anything else?

You didn’t find a solution to your question here?

If you have further questions we will be glad to help you. Simply fill out our Contact Form or call us by phone. See bottom left side on each Shop page for phone extension numbers.

Using images an graphics material

How to get current product pictures?

Using Image and Graphics Material

For Sales Promotion we provide high-quality product images, most of them especifically produced for this purpose by ourselfs

Through our FTP-Center, we not only provide all relevant product information, we also provide images and graphics via a so-called CDN (Content Delivery Network). You will always find the current version of the respective product image there.

The file, containing the product data, has a column named „Bild1“(increasing to „Bild11“). This column includes the respective image names (e.g. „55359.jpg “).

You may now input the following text: in front of the image name into your system (e.g. during import of product data), or alternatively input the same text in our FTP-Center as prefix to the image name – see the screen shot below. You will then receive the entire link as part of the file.


Regardless which path you choose, in the end the link should look something like this:


Note to All Users Who Used to Download Images Via FTP Server:

We shall at first continue providing image and graphics material via our own FTP Server, but we shall continue promoting switchover to CDN and may directly address you on this issue.

By using CDN you are able to reduce traffic on your server while ensuring that you will always use the most up-to-date image data.
If you require help with switchover please contact us by email at: [email protected], Subject: Switchover Image Use from FTP to CDN

Legal Note

By using INTOS ELECTRONIC AG Content Delivery Networks you receive free access (with connection charges remaining unaffected) to any and all item images, for use in your online shop or your inventory management system. We herewith authorize you to use such image material for the purpose of sales promotion. All rights to such image material remain with INTOS ELECTRONIC AG. Please take into consideration that we produce almost the entire image material by ourselves; this is associated with significant expenditure. We may forbid usage of images at any time – especially in case of abuse – and block access to FTP simultaneously. We also reserve the right to close unused access paths for security reasons. Please apply to your service contact to reactivate any blocked access in case of need.

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